Desert Minds Pty Ltd Cancellation Policy

For all services, a minimum 24 hours advance notice (service delivery within the Alice Springs municipality) or 72 hours advance notice (service delivery outside the Alice Springs municipality) is required in order to avoid a penalty fee.

Late cancellations will incur a penalty feecharged at 100% of the service rate, or a deduction of one session from an EAP allowance.

This policy is in place to allow cancelled appointments to be made available to others on the Desert Minds Pty Ltd Client Wait List – your understanding is greatly appreciated.

For enquiries about counselling or conflict management services services, EAP contracts, appointment bookings, or to simply leave a message, please contact Desert Minds Administration.

Admin:  0499 898 332   |   Email:

Clients covered by a confirmed Employee Assistance Program contract with Desert Minds Pty Ltd may book their sessions directly, via our EAP Client Portal, here:

Please note, all EAP Client Portal bookings are tentative until confirmed by email response (within 24 hours).

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